Total Ban For Foreign Travelers

Total Ban For Foreign Travelers

A congressman has recommended the implementation of a total travel ban in the country. It also follows the entry of the new SARS-COV-2 UK variant into the country after a Filipino from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) tested positive. According to BHW Partylist Rep.

Angelica Natasha Co, is no longer sure about the threat of entering more cases of the new COVID-19 strain so foreign travelers should only be banned from entering the country as soon as possible. The total travel ban also includes Filipinos or overseas Filipino workers returning to the Philippines.

Co explained that it is possible that not only Filipinos from the UAE have tested positive for the new variant of the disease and there may be others from other countries who have tested positive and have entered the Philippines and are just waiting for the test results.

Moreover, it is just proof, he said, that the policy of the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) is not that effective so it should also be abandoned or stopped. Although it is too late for the total travel ban, Lady Solon believes it will help prevent the entry of more cases of UK variants or other new strains that may emerge more infectious and more dangerous to the health of Filipinos


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