Meet William Rodda, The Brisbane Based Teen Whose Heroic Act Saved Lives


Some stories are worth a mention, whenever there are talks about bravery and Williams’s story, tops the list of such talks.

William is a sixteen-year-old teenager raised in Brisbane, Australia whose favorite pastime includes spending time on his computer, watching anime shows, and spending time babysitting the neighborhood children. Many teenagers are immersed in their own world of games and leisure but William stands apart from those in many ways. At this young age, he has taken over the task of managing his family’s vast assets which are worth praise in every way. His family owns multiple properties across Brisbane which are looked after and managed by this young boy. While one of his family-owned 170-acre property he came across an incident in which he saved a life in spite of his own life being at stake. One evening while he was walking the horses he saw huge smoke getting emitting from an under-construction building on the property. On getting a closer look he realized that the building was on major fire with flames almost touching the sky. Such was the impact of the wild spread fire that the entire area was glowing red with the whole building engulfed in fire. William says “On reaching the spot I heard ear-piercing shrieks which came from a woman whose child was trapped inside the burning structure”. On learning that life was trapped, William with all his courage went ahead and entered the fiery corridors kicking and removing the flaming planks that blocked his way. Somehow he managed to locate the child and got him out safely. When asked about did he not feel scared to risk his own life? William said, “At that point of time, I was more concerned about a mother losing her child and that didn’t deter me from risking my own life, I was confident that I would come out safe”.  William is glad that he reached on time and saved the toddler with his quick reflex. The child’s parents are ever thankful to William and his family for saving their son’s life. 

Youngsters like William are the real superheroes in a true sense and their stories of valour are indeed inspiring for all.


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