William Rodda: The boy who saved a toddler’s life with his selfless act.


The act of kindness and humanity he has shown at only 16 years of age shows the many life skills he has learned excellently as a teenager.

Perhaps it takes a lifetime for a person to understand the meaning of life itself; sometimes people fail to know or understand the true meaning of it until they die. People all over the world are taught many essential skills in life, right from their childhood when they go to school, academically they are educated and prepared for the future and taught many things that could help in excelling at their careers; however, how many of the times and how many of the schools in this world teach students about how to live a life? Or how to be of help to others? This value education is something which students learn only through books, but are not taught about the acts of kindness which can impact people’s lives on a deeper level. Somethings in life for an individual are innate, it cannot be taught, it has to be felt and one can only feel other’s pain if an individual knows what compassion is all about. It is these little things in life which makes a person, a good citizen of society, who thinks benevolently and who puts others before himself. William Rodda is one amongst these rare gems from Brisbane, Australia who is only a teenager aged 16 years, saved a year old’s life from a building that caught blazing fire. If this doesn’t melt your heart, what will?

Kindness is beyond language and boundaries:

William shows what it takes to be a benevolent young man and how individuals of societies can come at the forefront, understand their duties as citizens and be of help to others, saving their lives and becoming an example to the world. This proves the many life skills that William has learned excellently along his way and has even put into implementation by showing his selfless act by going beyond his boundaries and saving a life from a hazardous fire incident.

There are a few life skills that this young real-life hero wants to share with others, with the hope that it could inspire others as well to do selfless acts.

  • Learning to take challenges: Life in itself for some seems like a challenge. But, the ones who only learn things on paper, and do not know how to implement the same in real life, lack the courage to take challenges in life. It is essential to learn how to make the right decisions at the right time and take the step forward to risk our own lives for the betterment of others. If it is about saving someone’s life, it is worth taking up the challenge, says William.
  • Critical thinking: At times of adversities, a person stops thinking and starts making haphazard decisions, which ultimately only does no good to anybody. William says that it is essential to have the skills of critical thinking to evaluate a certain situation and make decisions accordingly, just like he did by waiting for no one and saving the child from the fire that engulfed the building in Brisbane.
  • Spontaneity: To take quick decisions and actions is also something we have taught all our lives, but hardly have got the opportunities to act accordingly when the time comes. William is the only youngster from Brisbane, who could do this, and with his spontaneity and quick actions at the right time, he could give a new life to the one-year-old.

Serving society as a responsible citizen:

Some of these essential life skills, William says it is something we all are aware of, but it is high time as responsible citizens of the world to take action and become an inspiration to the world. William, with his strong and determined mind powered by a compassionate soul filled with kindness, is the one who could do it and changed his life completely, by becoming the life-savior of the child.

Working his way to the top:

Being a teenager, William already manages the multiple properties his parents own throughout Australia. Apart from this, now he is all pumped up to become a preschool teacher, after the incident that changed his life. His passion is also into music, where William makes children’s songs, pop music and is studying very hard to achieve many more milestones in life.


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