William Rodda – The young neighbourhood hero from Brisbane who saved a life in distress on time


Some people risk their lives in order to save others, William is one such example of bravery who never gave a second thought before putting his life in danger to save another.

William Rodda born in Brisbane, Australia is a happy go lucky young man of sixteen who is multi-talented donning the roles of an actor, musician and an aspiring teacher. He has always been academically inclined getting good grades in school. His favourite pastime has always been watching animated TV shows and spending time babysitting the neighbourhood kids. Some incidents change our perspective towards life and one such incident occurred in Williams’s life which is worth mentioning as it holds great significance in his life. 

Williams’s family owns a huge 160 acre property and he is given the task of managing the land. So much to do for a sixteen year old at this age, but William has never shied away from his duties and has been managing the tasks efficiently; his parents will vouch for that. One night when has was at the property he saw flames coming out from one of the properties structure. William says “all I could see was the building engulfed in flames and fire spreading wildly, as I reached the spot, I heard loud screams of a woman whose child was trapped in the building which was on fire, without giving a second thought I entered the flames which was almost touching the sky and somehow managed to bring back the child to safety”. This heroic act was hugely applauded by everyone including the fire control authorities who reached on time to save further damage.

William says he has always wanted to do something related to kids and that’s what made him undergo a programme which would train him to be a pre-school teacher. Apart from trying to figure out his career as a teacher, he is also a part time musician who has interests in children’s songs and pop music. Such a wonderful persona is hard to find in people of such young age and William is definitely a breed apart from others


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