Analysing the Life of Yusef Andre Wiley


Yusef Andre Wiley was born on October 24, 1969 in South Los Angeles, California. Betty and Sampson Wiley, his parents, were both born and reared in Texas. Andre is the eldest of five children. When he was 13, he began hanging out with criminals and got into problems in his area. Despite serving a youth term, Wiley was able to maintain his gang membership alongside other known criminal gang members. His reputation as a gangster in Watts, Willowbrook, and Compton in South Los Angeles landed him in the California penal system.
After spending time alone in jail, Yusef was able to rediscover his faith. His spiritual ideas steered him away from gang violence and devastation and into a more purposeful and honourable way of life. He was ultimately freed in May 2012, at the age of 43, after serving 22 years. As a former criminal, he has spent years planning, writing, and intervening in programs to reduce gang and youth violence.
Wiley has volunteered for several re-entry groups in the San Francisco Bay Area and has served on Alameda County’s advisory boards and panels. He was also a former commissioner of the Union City Human Relations Commission. Wiley is a published writer with an AA degree in Small Business Management and a paralegal studies certificate. Yusef Andre Wiley also works at YW Consultants, LLC as a Senior Consultant (YW Consultants, n.d.)
He has been working on juvenile violence prevention, intervention, and treatment programs for many years. Yusef’s coaching and assistance are invaluable.
Wiley is a published author with a degree in paralegal studies and an AA in Small Business Management. Yusef has also been accredited as a member of the John Maxwell Team. His company, TimeList Group, Inc. (TimeList Group, 2021), consists of two flourishing enterprises, one non-profit, and one subsidiary (s-corporation). He is married to Sa’Nae and works at YW Consultants LLC as a Senior Consultant/Personal Coach. Yusef is the father of six children and grandfather to numerous grandkids. He is a proud parent and a mentor to many others. Check out Yusef’s website to learn more about the motivational speaker. (Yusef-Andre Wiley, n.d.)

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